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K8055 Commander

Monitoring, logging, manual and automatic control of outside world from the PC.

(Using K8055/VM110 hardware from Velleman.)

K8055 Commander logo            K8055 Commander main window

K8055 Commander - new software for automation.

K8055 Commander main window resized

I have been experimenting with K8055 board for some time using provided demo software and realised it would be good to be able to perform more complex actions. A friend of mine wrote a new application with these additional features:

I have already used the software in a couple of ways:

You can see some results here.

This software has been under a slow development for couple of months and now reached the release 1.0 version. Further development may take place. All comments are welcome, especialy bug reports, code improvements and suggestions for additional features. Please, send an e-mail.
Currently the software runs under Microsoft Windows only.

K8055 Commander scheduler window    K8055 Commander recording settings window


last updated: december 2011