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K8055 Commander download

This software is written in VisualC++2008SP1. If you have it or it's runtime components installed on your computer, you will be able to use the source code provided or the compact binary file.

Otherwise you either need to install the VisualC++2008SP1 redistributable package first (4 MB) or download the binary with libraries included from the bottom of the page (908 kB).

Binary download: K8055CsharedMFC.zip (152 kB) (MD5 digest: 7dd23e78242416e0c492ce40ca0faed1)
K8055 Commander v 1.0 binary for Windows.

Source code download: K8055Csource.zip (175 kB) (MD5 digest: 8423f29c453b7b983abf760c16e6da75)
K8055 Commander v 1.0 source code for VC++2008 SP1

K8055D.dll download: K8055Ddll.zip (174 kB) (MD5 digest: 1d3ae7efc8318e0a619a6047ef8f3f12)
The library K8055D.dll is provided by Velleman with every K8055/VM110 board. However, there are several versions and not all of them work with K8055 Commander. If you have problems running the application, try downloading this file and putting it into the application folder.

Manual and example .csv files download: K8055Cmanual.zip (5 kB) (MD5 digest: 1b6461671981c07d89e58087acdcc4cd)
A short manual explaining some of the more complex features and example .csv files for loading longer programs into the K8055 Commander scheduler.

If you don't have VisualC++2008SP1 or it's runtime components installed on your computer

Download VisualC++2008SP1 redistributable package (4 MB) from Bill's page here.


Download executable file with all the necessary libraries included:
Binary download: K8055CstaticMFC.zip (908 kB) (MD5 digest:4c5b242ba793e1c511e1d549e8de2dc0)